New Year Recipes

New Year Recipes

Over the past years, 4 days to the end of the year I sit and write my new year resolutions. I realized I never got to achieve half of what I had planned to accomplish that year. I took a break from writing resolutions/goals until last year when I discovered recipes that made my life delicious.

I don’t know if you think i’m referring to food, but I’m not. These recipes made 2018 bearable for me so I decided to share it with you guys. So grab your paper and pen and let’s write down together.

Sandy’s new year recipes

1. Pray every day at every given opportunity.

2. Observe daily siestas.

3. Give to charity.

4. Buy yourself new clothes.

5. Exfoliate twice a week (I have spots left from past acne).

6. Increase your GPA.

7. Post at least three times a week.

8. Do your Saturday run.

9. Observe lent.

10. Give yourself complement each day.

11. Exercise when you have the time.

12. Take yourself out once in a while.

13. Do not forget to eat healthy.

14. Have fun.

15. Hit 2000 followers.

These are my recipes for 2019. We have different priorities and my main priority is self love, yours might be different but if you see them as recipes for a wonderful, delicious, tasty and charming life it will come easier to you.

I may have forgotten some stuff but I’m interested in your new year recipes, leave them below in the comment.

Have a tasteful new year ahead.


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