Tips for the loner

Tips for the loner

Yes, I am a loner always dreading social gatherings and meet up. The one you always see by herself. This isn’t a pitiful tale of my life. Lot of people experience this and feel like they are not normal. You are not social outcasts, it’s okay you are totally normal.

Here are some tips for the loner

Try to go out more

You don’t need to go out with friends. you can go window shopping alone or sit in the park. Just try and be comfortable in your environment.

Find a best friend

You might not do too well being in the company of others, so find yourself that one friend who understands you.

Explore your creativity

Research has shown that those who are always alone tend to be creative. So try painting, acting, singing or even writing as I did.

Invest in good books

Since you are mostly alone, you have a lot of time to yourself, buy good books and even set a challenge for yourself and see how it turns out. Check out the good reads challenge.


Exercise is a great stress reliever. You could exercise at home or register at a gym, this could serve as a perfect excuse to leave your bed and meet other people or try dancing.

Buy or rent movies

If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, buy movies or just do the usual Netflix and chill.

Start a blog

Blogging can be sometimes therapeutic, write about your experiences and you will be shocked to see how much people can relate. You also get to connect with great and like minded people. For a lonely soul like yours, blogging is the best answer.

Get a pet

Connect with your little furry friend and you won’t feel that lonely anymore. The wonderful thing about having pets is they are always there to hear you rant.

Join an organization

Join any organizations such as red cross, rotary club or any campaign close to you that benefits the society. You might also make great friends.

Try scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is not only fun but also let’s you create memories that you can look back to. Take pictures of the important events in your life and document them. This keeps you occupied and prevents your mind from roaming.

Read blogs

If blogging is not your thing, you could try reading other blogs. You would be surprised at the things you could learn.

These are the tips I have used for a while and they have helped. It is not guaranteed that you might become more free with people but you become more open.

Remember there is nothing wrong with being a loner.


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