Is taking a break worth it?

Is taking a break worth it?

While telling someone to take a break when they feel they need it is very easy, in reality taking a break is not that easy, more like traumatising, we’ve seen or heard of YouTubers, celebrities, bloggers and every other person generally talk about how their mental health seems to be on the low and they not being in a good state of mind and we begin to wonder, why not take a break and go refuel yourself.

Well if it was that easy everybody will jump on a train and ride to paradise(it sounded better in my head). I haven’t posted in three weeks or so and while this was meant to be a break because somehow the central bank of motivation ran dry. All I could think about was irrelevancy, fear of being forgotten and everyone unfollowing my blog, so instead of refueling and enjoying my so called break I actually got worse and started beating myself up to write a blog post but all that came out was crap, I couldn’t post crap. And while this fear seems unnecessary, that’s just what the mind does telling things that aren’t true and playing tricks on you.

It was so difficult to take a break and it was much more difficult staying on a break, I have always criticized youtubers who posted videos with them complaining about their mental health on it and I will always be like why don’t you take a break and let us all be. I’ve now realized that the fear and struggle is real.

No, I don't think so

Since there are a lot of bloggers and blog posts who tell you to go ahead and take a break and that nothing is going to happen and that you are not being selfish but just taking care of yourself but none tells you how difficult it will be and how you are going to constantly worry about going down the path that leads to irrelevancy, but the truth is while others leave the loyal ones will stay.

So is taking a break really worth it, well that is debatable, but for me taking a break is just too expensive and I’ve decided to find other methods to maintain and improve my mental health without totally disconnecting from the world.

What do you think? Is taking a break worth it?

How to thrift like a pro

How to thrift like a pro

Bargain hunt like a boss

Clothes, shoes, bags. These are things we can’t do without and they either come cheap or very expensive. With the economy, buying everyday items has become so hard for people who are not that financially stable. These people won’t go around naked, and there’s where thrifting comes in. I personally love to buy thrifted items, thrifted items do not have to be used, they could also be items on sale. As far as you are getting getting the particular item for less the original price, that is thrifting. Thrifted items are popularly referred to as okirika or bend-down-select here in Nigeria.

Less is more

While bargain shopping is fun, we sometimes get home disappointed and unhappy. So if you are looking to learn how to bargain hunt like a professional, then read on.

Bargain hunt like a boss

Below are tips that will hopefully help you while thrift shopping.

1. Wear appropriate clothing

    Even though there is no specific clothing to wear while shopping, I prefer to wear leggings, tank top and a sweater. This is easy to throw on and take off thereby saving time.

    2. Ask for the grade A items

    In my country, thrifted items come in categories, grade A, B and C. Grade A items are the one in better conditions and majority of the items that fall into that category are unused. So don’t be shy go ahead and ask.

    3. Do not buy clothes with stain or tear.

    I wish I had known this earlier, I had always bought clothes with the hope of washing off the stain or sewing the torn part. Learn from my mistakes, the stain never comes off and some of the tears are beyond repair.

    4. Buy clothes that fit you.

    It’s always tempting to buy that cute cloth that you know is definitely too small, or maybe too big, but don’t. I’ve got tons of clothes in my wardrobe which are absolutely useless and cannot be worn. So except you are okay with tailoring your clothes, just stick to your size.

    5. Check the heels when buying shoes.

    When getting shoes, double check the heels when going for high heeled shoes, no one wants to break a leg while walking. If it seems like it is not in a very good condition, you either buy and mend it or don’t buy at all.

    6. Check for peels and missing zippers in bags.

    When getting bags, make sure to check the zips, buttons and handles to make sure they are intact. In case of leather bags check for peels and also look for colour fading but don’t forget to check the inside of the bag also.

    When thrift shopping or shopping in general, do not buy based on aesthetics alone, check quality over quantity no matter how cheap it is. Make sure whatever you are buying will not fall apart after one use.

    Good luck bargain hunting.

    Diving into my tangled mind.

    Diving into my tangled mind.

    If I am told to describe my life, to tell my tale from beginning to the end. Where do I start from, I know not but one thing is sure it’s all a mess. I’m trapped in my mind, lost in this maze that they call life.

    I am told to speak, air my views, pull someone nearby and share my fears but there is no one ready to listen. I’m told i’m not alone wherever I go they’d be right there, if only I knew that those were just empty promises but who can I blame promises were meant to be broken.

    I’m trapped in my mind, no where to go, please someone save me hear my cry, turn not your back to me. I’m under a spell of fear, confusion seeps through my vein I know not what I say but one thing is sure I need someone to save me from me.

    Promises are meant to be broken

    Everything is a blurry sight, so fogged up I barely see. Then suddenly I see myself falling into a vast pool of water but oh no wait this isn’t water, these are tears I’ve shed all night long.

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    Oh, who will save me from me


    I reached deep trying to find answers, trying to understand my feelings, seeking to overpower my mind and not let it take over. I cried day and night hoping my weird and anxiety will wash out with my tears, but it was just too strong, it had taking over and was in control, my mind could be compared to thanos, it claimed it was doing the right thing but only destroying me.

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    I lost it all, my self esteem, my pride, my heart and most importantly my mind. I had never felt so detached and lonely, I was searching for water in the desert, asking for a miracle. I tried to look for help, I talked to others and they claimed they would help, they said they understood how I felt and everything was going to be okay. But nothing was okay. All I could see was darkness, my life was now like night-time with no stars to light my path and no moon to watch over me.

    Do leave your thoughts in the comments and pin this post.

    Kid photography: Getting them to sit still and smile.

    Kid photography: Getting them to sit still and smile.

    Taking picture of people can be a very daunting task. What of taking a picture of a very active and restless kid who just refuses to stay put? It sounds like suicide. Here are some tips I will love to share with you on how to get that near perfect picture.

    5 tips to consider when taking pictures of kids.


    You will need a lot of it. It is a said to take a perfect picture of a child you will need to exude a high level of patience. This little ones do not like to stay put so if you are short of patience, they will leave you pulling at your ears and screaming in no time.

    My phone camera is so disappointing

    Always keep the camera on standby

    If I’ve learnt anything from trying to take a picture of my sister is to never leave the camera, you never know when a pose will pop up so hold on to that camera. In this picture she was walking down the stairs and decided that she was ‘tired’ and needed a break.

    Let them have fun

    Some poses can’t be forced so you just have to let them do what they want. Applying force or trying bribery may not work. I know cos I’ve tried. In the picture below she decided she wanted to jump on the chair and who knew I could get a shot.

    Do not bother about angle

    In the picture below, the direction of the sun was all wrong but I got a nice shot. Angle doesn’t really matter so don’t fret about it, there’s always the Photoshop option.

    Getting them to sit still and smile

    Even with the tips to get a good picture, it still is not easy to get a nice picture especially if your child just discovered walking so getting them to sit on a chair, bench or stool can seem almost impossible. Though threatening and bribery might occasionally work, it’s not gauranteed. So read on to know how to get a nice smile.

    Make silly faces

    Nothing gets a child to smile more than googly eyes and silly noises. Try making duck sounds and pig noises and you will get your child laughing.

    Use bunny ears/face paint

    You do not only want to get them to smile but also to look in the camera, wearing bunny ears or applying funny face paint will do the job.

    Make sad face

    Tell the child to make a face, no one makes a sad face and doesn’t smile after. So get them to give you their best angry face and you get yourself s smile after.

    The best pictures are taken unexpectedly.

    I would love to know your experience and other tips you employ while photographing kids.

    If you enjoyed this, do share.

    Letting Him Lead

    Letting Him Lead

    I felt it. At least I thought I did. I knew him. That’s what I thought. I wanted him. That’s what I told myself. I always tried to convince myself that I was the perfect candidate but I knew better. Standing there with arms stretched out, patiently waiting, tears running down my cheeks but it felt like blood, pleading. It had only been few minutes but it felt like hours.

    <a href=”

    All I wanted was to feel him, to know he was there, to be sure, to clear my clouds of doubt. I was praying ferverently, I had great expectations, hoping to be knocked off my feet like the others, expecting mighty gust of wind and tongues of fire like the apostles, neglecting the gentle touch of his fingers. I expected to hear his voice like Samuel did, loud and clear, bright as day, booming like the canon, I expected to hear him like moses did in between the clouds with voice as strong and powerful as thunder neglecting the soft, silent whisper.

    <a href=”

    After relentless praying, I still felt incomplete not knowing he was already there, not knowing I was searching for the right thing in the wrong direction. I had doubts, maybe I had gotten to the point where my sins could no longer be forgiven, maybe I had run out of grace, maybe the river of salvation had run dry, maybe I had come a little too late to be washed by his blood, maybe my white garment was permanently stained and could never be white as snow again. Lot of maybes ran through my mind. Confusion seeped through my vein. It was hard to ignore.

    <a href=”

    I felt worthless, I was nothing just an hopeless sinner. If only I had let him lead after all. I always claimed he was in control but yet never gave him the wheel, I always claimed the door to my heart was open but never let him in, I always claimed I was ready to receive him but still turned away.

    <a href=”

    <a href=”

    Let me in, He said. My door is always open, I replied.

    <a href=”

    Do not get me wrong. I did want to let him in but something was there stopping me. Fear. It was fear. I was scared. Scared of the unknown. Scared of the future. Scared that I wouldn’t be considered worthy. Scared of cutting myself away from the world. Scared that I had run out of grace. Scared that I would make a mistake and I would lose him forever. Scared that the door of opportunities has been closed to me forever.

    <a href=”

    But his grace is like confetti, ready to be sprayed all over again. His river of salvation can never run dry. It would have been better if I had realised this sooner. If only I knew I was been molded, reformed, refined, renewed and rebranded, just like gold, maybe it would have been better, but what is the fun in knowing tomorrow before it happens.

    <a href=”

    It’s better late than never.

    <a href=”

    And now I’ve learnt to let him lead.<a href=”

    The drifter

    The drifter

    What plans do you have for the future? What do you want to do when you graduate? So, do you have any idea what you want to do? These questions and more have been thrown at you a million times and your answer, “I don’t know”. If that’s your answer you might want to keep on reading.

    Aimlessly walking down the road, not knowing what tomorrow holds. You hardly make any plans, you do not have a meal plan talk less a life plan.

    You don’t know how your life will be five years from now, will you be married? will you have kids? would youhave gotten a house? or maybe a dog? Does but God in heaven know.

    You are told you are to be the captain of your ship and lead it to where you need it to go but sometimes you just let it drift along the sea going its own way. You are told you are the driver of your vehicle and if you’re not careful you might crash but do you listen, no, you let go and let it run down the road. An aimless drifter. Not capitalising on tomorrow. But when you sense a storm or obstacle, you grab the wheel and take control.

    Why really bother about tomorrow when you might not be here, that doesn’t mean you don’t care it only means you take one day at a time and let tomorrow take care of itself.

    You listen to music you love, read what you want, wear what you like not because you’re immature but because you’ve grown to learn you will not be here forever, the day might come sooner than later when he calls you. Life is short they say so live it to the fullest.

    Aimless drifter, not knowing where the road leads but going all the same.

    Aimless drifter, not thinking but doing.

    Aimless drifter, trusting yourself and your decisions.

    Aimless drifter, making the best out of life.

    Sometimes its okay not to have plans, not to know what to do, to be completely clueless about your life. Just remember it is all in control.

    Do leave your thoughts down in the comments.

    Tips for the loner

    Tips for the loner

    Yes, I am a loner always dreading social gatherings and meet up. The one you always see by herself. This isn’t a pitiful tale of my life. Lot of people experience this and feel like they are not normal. You are not social outcasts, it’s okay you are totally normal.

    Here are some tips for the loner

    Try to go out more

    You don’t need to go out with friends. you can go window shopping alone or sit in the park. Just try and be comfortable in your environment.

    Find a best friend

    You might not do too well being in the company of others, so find yourself that one friend who understands you.

    Explore your creativity

    Research has shown that those who are always alone tend to be creative. So try painting, acting, singing or even writing as I did.

    Invest in good books

    Since you are mostly alone, you have a lot of time to yourself, buy good books and even set a challenge for yourself and see how it turns out. Check out the good reads challenge.


    Exercise is a great stress reliever. You could exercise at home or register at a gym, this could serve as a perfect excuse to leave your bed and meet other people or try dancing.

    Buy or rent movies

    If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, buy movies or just do the usual Netflix and chill.

    Start a blog

    Blogging can be sometimes therapeutic, write about your experiences and you will be shocked to see how much people can relate. You also get to connect with great and like minded people. For a lonely soul like yours, blogging is the best answer.

    Get a pet

    Connect with your little furry friend and you won’t feel that lonely anymore. The wonderful thing about having pets is they are always there to hear you rant.

    Join an organization

    Join any organizations such as red cross, rotary club or any campaign close to you that benefits the society. You might also make great friends.

    Try scrapbooking

    Scrapbooking is not only fun but also let’s you create memories that you can look back to. Take pictures of the important events in your life and document them. This keeps you occupied and prevents your mind from roaming.

    Read blogs

    If blogging is not your thing, you could try reading other blogs. You would be surprised at the things you could learn.

    These are the tips I have used for a while and they have helped. It is not guaranteed that you might become more free with people but you become more open.

    Remember there is nothing wrong with being a loner.

    Mirrors in my eyes

    Mirrors in my eyes

    Mirror. I looked myself in it. I tried to define my beauty without the spots, without the scars, without the stretch marks. It seemed stupid and impossible, I grabbed my phone and opened my ever trusty friend- my photo editing app. The deed was done and the result looked surreal. I seemed perfect, flawless even. My hips were voluptuously sexy, my skin as smooth as silk, I looked as beautiful as a mermaid. I finally posted my picture, likes and comment rolled in, the praises I would never have received in person I received it all on social media. Some asked if I was a model. Some guys asked me out. Some girls envied me. I felt confidence rush through my veins. I was filled with Adrenaline. I felt beautiful. Life was good.

    Fast forward to the next day, I checked my self confidence meter and nothing had changed. I was still that ugly girl. I felt like a fraud. I felt like 419. This is a scam, I don’t look like that. My curves are uneven. My skin is rough. My complexion is uneven. And I don’t even have pink lips and the Hollywood smile. I felt sick. Life wasn’t good now.

    My friend from school saw and complimented my looks. He said yellow looks good on me. I brushed it off, I didn’t feel beautiful. I don’t even look beautiful. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. My negative thoughts about myself lowered my self esteem. My head always bent low. I couldn’t wait for the day to end so I could run under the covers of my bed. I felt defeated. Life was harsh.

    Tick tock tick tock. Seconds, minutes and hours passed by slowly, they say a watched pot never boils and now I know why. Finally, I get to go home. Walking along the road I saw a poster which read “looks don’t matter babe”, easy for you to say, you re gorgeous. Life was rose-y now and I could feel the thorns prick me.

    I get home and i’m back to my mirror and I say “mirror mirror on my wall, why do I have to be the ugliest of them all.” Well my mirror didn’t talk back obviously. Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder, but who is the beholder may I dare to ask. I saw my greatest mistake assuming that those out there were my beholders, not knowing I was the beholder of my beauty. I held my beauty in my eyes which I would only see if I looked at myself in the mirror for a moment without criticizing me. I was beautifully unique and if anyone called me strange I would smile and tell them strange is the new beautiful.

    At that moment I thanked the Lord above for this insight and also for mirrors. Mirrors in which I could see His perfect creation. My spots weren’t hideous they were like maps of my journey through puberty, my stretch marks told the story of my weight gain and weight loss and the other scars told the story of a battle well fought.

    Now I see life through mirrors in my eyes. That poster was wrong, looks do matter. Just rock your look.

    New Year Recipes

    New Year Recipes

    Over the past years, 4 days to the end of the year I sit and write my new year resolutions. I realized I never got to achieve half of what I had planned to accomplish that year. I took a break from writing resolutions/goals until last year when I discovered recipes that made my life delicious.

    I don’t know if you think i’m referring to food, but I’m not. These recipes made 2018 bearable for me so I decided to share it with you guys. So grab your paper and pen and let’s write down together.

    Sandy’s new year recipes

    1. Pray every day at every given opportunity.

    2. Observe daily siestas.

    3. Give to charity.

    4. Buy yourself new clothes.

    5. Exfoliate twice a week (I have spots left from past acne).

    6. Increase your GPA.

    7. Post at least three times a week.

    8. Do your Saturday run.

    9. Observe lent.

    10. Give yourself complement each day.

    11. Exercise when you have the time.

    12. Take yourself out once in a while.

    13. Do not forget to eat healthy.

    14. Have fun.

    15. Hit 2000 followers.

    These are my recipes for 2019. We have different priorities and my main priority is self love, yours might be different but if you see them as recipes for a wonderful, delicious, tasty and charming life it will come easier to you.

    I may have forgotten some stuff but I’m interested in your new year recipes, leave them below in the comment.

    Have a tasteful new year ahead.

    Tears is not weakness

    Tears is not weakness

    Sometimes you don’t have to be brave.

    Merry Christmas everyone. I wanted to post sooner but I slept through Christmas. Who else slept through Christmas? Nobody, wow. Christmas was so boring in my side.

    Getting into today’s topic – Tears is not weakness.

    Shedding tears or crying is known to occur when we are happy, sad, angry, hurt, hungry, depressed, lonely. Tears has been considered as a sign of weakness for a very long time, ever wondered why guys do not cry? They do not cry because they do not want to seen as weak so they put on a facade because they have to portray the strong, brave and dependable demeanor, them shedding tears is totally unacceptable to them especially in public.

    While we all try to put up a brave front, we hold back tears and refuse to let our pain and grief flow out forgetting that it is much easier to let go after shedding tears. Shedding tears can be compared to a snake or cockroach shedding it’s outer skin, it is through their moulting that they grow and that is that same for you shed your troubles, pain, grief, hurt, anger, shed it all through your tears. Take crying as a form of therapy and you are on the way to becoming more confident.