Kid photography: Getting them to sit still and smile.

Kid photography: Getting them to sit still and smile.

Taking picture of people can be a very daunting task. What of taking a picture of a very active and restless kid who just refuses to stay put? It sounds like suicide. Here are some tips I will love to share with you on how to get that near perfect picture.

5 tips to consider when taking pictures of kids.


You will need a lot of it. It is a said to take a perfect picture of a child you will need to exude a high level of patience. This little ones do not like to stay put so if you are short of patience, they will leave you pulling at your ears and screaming in no time.

My phone camera is so disappointing

Always keep the camera on standby

If I’ve learnt anything from trying to take a picture of my sister is to never leave the camera, you never know when a pose will pop up so hold on to that camera. In this picture she was walking down the stairs and decided that she was ‘tired’ and needed a break.

Let them have fun

Some poses can’t be forced so you just have to let them do what they want. Applying force or trying bribery may not work. I know cos I’ve tried. In the picture below she decided she wanted to jump on the chair and who knew I could get a shot.

Do not bother about angle

In the picture below, the direction of the sun was all wrong but I got a nice shot. Angle doesn’t really matter so don’t fret about it, there’s always the Photoshop option.

Getting them to sit still and smile

Even with the tips to get a good picture, it still is not easy to get a nice picture especially if your child just discovered walking so getting them to sit on a chair, bench or stool can seem almost impossible. Though threatening and bribery might occasionally work, it’s not gauranteed. So read on to know how to get a nice smile.

Make silly faces

Nothing gets a child to smile more than googly eyes and silly noises. Try making duck sounds and pig noises and you will get your child laughing.

Use bunny ears/face paint

You do not only want to get them to smile but also to look in the camera, wearing bunny ears or applying funny face paint will do the job.

Make sad face

Tell the child to make a face, no one makes a sad face and doesn’t smile after. So get them to give you their best angry face and you get yourself s smile after.

The best pictures are taken unexpectedly.

I would love to know your experience and other tips you employ while photographing kids.

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