Diving into my tangled mind.

Diving into my tangled mind.

If I am told to describe my life, to tell my tale from beginning to the end. Where do I start from, I know not but one thing is sure it’s all a mess. I’m trapped in my mind, lost in this maze that they call life.

I am told to speak, air my views, pull someone nearby and share my fears but there is no one ready to listen. I’m told i’m not alone wherever I go they’d be right there, if only I knew that those were just empty promises but who can I blame promises were meant to be broken.

I’m trapped in my mind, no where to go, please someone save me hear my cry, turn not your back to me. I’m under a spell of fear, confusion seeps through my vein I know not what I say but one thing is sure I need someone to save me from me.

Promises are meant to be broken

Everything is a blurry sight, so fogged up I barely see. Then suddenly I see myself falling into a vast pool of water but oh no wait this isn’t water, these are tears I’ve shed all night long.

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Oh, who will save me from me


I reached deep trying to find answers, trying to understand my feelings, seeking to overpower my mind and not let it take over. I cried day and night hoping my weird and anxiety will wash out with my tears, but it was just too strong, it had taking over and was in control, my mind could be compared to thanos, it claimed it was doing the right thing but only destroying me.

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I lost it all, my self esteem, my pride, my heart and most importantly my mind. I had never felt so detached and lonely, I was searching for water in the desert, asking for a miracle. I tried to look for help, I talked to others and they claimed they would help, they said they understood how I felt and everything was going to be okay. But nothing was okay. All I could see was darkness, my life was now like night-time with no stars to light my path and no moon to watch over me.

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