How to thrift like a pro

How to thrift like a pro

Bargain hunt like a boss

Clothes, shoes, bags. These are things we can’t do without and they either come cheap or very expensive. With the economy, buying everyday items has become so hard for people who are not that financially stable. These people won’t go around naked, and there’s where thrifting comes in. I personally love to buy thrifted items, thrifted items do not have to be used, they could also be items on sale. As far as you are getting getting the particular item for less the original price, that is thrifting. Thrifted items are popularly referred to as okirika or bend-down-select here in Nigeria.

Less is more

While bargain shopping is fun, we sometimes get home disappointed and unhappy. So if you are looking to learn how to bargain hunt like a professional, then read on.

Bargain hunt like a boss

Below are tips that will hopefully help you while thrift shopping.

1. Wear appropriate clothing

    Even though there is no specific clothing to wear while shopping, I prefer to wear leggings, tank top and a sweater. This is easy to throw on and take off thereby saving time.

    2. Ask for the grade A items

    In my country, thrifted items come in categories, grade A, B and C. Grade A items are the one in better conditions and majority of the items that fall into that category are unused. So don’t be shy go ahead and ask.

    3. Do not buy clothes with stain or tear.

    I wish I had known this earlier, I had always bought clothes with the hope of washing off the stain or sewing the torn part. Learn from my mistakes, the stain never comes off and some of the tears are beyond repair.

    4. Buy clothes that fit you.

    It’s always tempting to buy that cute cloth that you know is definitely too small, or maybe too big, but don’t. I’ve got tons of clothes in my wardrobe which are absolutely useless and cannot be worn. So except you are okay with tailoring your clothes, just stick to your size.

    5. Check the heels when buying shoes.

    When getting shoes, double check the heels when going for high heeled shoes, no one wants to break a leg while walking. If it seems like it is not in a very good condition, you either buy and mend it or don’t buy at all.

    6. Check for peels and missing zippers in bags.

    When getting bags, make sure to check the zips, buttons and handles to make sure they are intact. In case of leather bags check for peels and also look for colour fading but don’t forget to check the inside of the bag also.

    When thrift shopping or shopping in general, do not buy based on aesthetics alone, check quality over quantity no matter how cheap it is. Make sure whatever you are buying will not fall apart after one use.

    Good luck bargain hunting.