Is taking a break worth it?

Is taking a break worth it?

While telling someone to take a break when they feel they need it is very easy, in reality taking a break is not that easy, more like traumatising, we’ve seen or heard of YouTubers, celebrities, bloggers and every other person generally talk about how their mental health seems to be on the low and they not being in a good state of mind and we begin to wonder, why not take a break and go refuel yourself.

Well if it was that easy everybody will jump on a train and ride to paradise(it sounded better in my head). I haven’t posted in three weeks or so and while this was meant to be a break because somehow the central bank of motivation ran dry. All I could think about was irrelevancy, fear of being forgotten and everyone unfollowing my blog, so instead of refueling and enjoying my so called break I actually got worse and started beating myself up to write a blog post but all that came out was crap, I couldn’t post crap. And while this fear seems unnecessary, that’s just what the mind does telling things that aren’t true and playing tricks on you.

It was so difficult to take a break and it was much more difficult staying on a break, I have always criticized youtubers who posted videos with them complaining about their mental health on it and I will always be like why don’t you take a break and let us all be. I’ve now realized that the fear and struggle is real.

No, I don't think so

Since there are a lot of bloggers and blog posts who tell you to go ahead and take a break and that nothing is going to happen and that you are not being selfish but just taking care of yourself but none tells you how difficult it will be and how you are going to constantly worry about going down the path that leads to irrelevancy, but the truth is while others leave the loyal ones will stay.

So is taking a break really worth it, well that is debatable, but for me taking a break is just too expensive and I’ve decided to find other methods to maintain and improve my mental health without totally disconnecting from the world.

What do you think? Is taking a break worth it?

Tips for the loner

Tips for the loner

Yes, I am a loner always dreading social gatherings and meet up. The one you always see by herself. This isn’t a pitiful tale of my life. Lot of people experience this and feel like they are not normal. You are not social outcasts, it’s okay you are totally normal.

Here are some tips for the loner

Try to go out more

You don’t need to go out with friends. you can go window shopping alone or sit in the park. Just try and be comfortable in your environment.

Find a best friend

You might not do too well being in the company of others, so find yourself that one friend who understands you.

Explore your creativity

Research has shown that those who are always alone tend to be creative. So try painting, acting, singing or even writing as I did.

Invest in good books

Since you are mostly alone, you have a lot of time to yourself, buy good books and even set a challenge for yourself and see how it turns out. Check out the good reads challenge.


Exercise is a great stress reliever. You could exercise at home or register at a gym, this could serve as a perfect excuse to leave your bed and meet other people or try dancing.

Buy or rent movies

If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, buy movies or just do the usual Netflix and chill.

Start a blog

Blogging can be sometimes therapeutic, write about your experiences and you will be shocked to see how much people can relate. You also get to connect with great and like minded people. For a lonely soul like yours, blogging is the best answer.

Get a pet

Connect with your little furry friend and you won’t feel that lonely anymore. The wonderful thing about having pets is they are always there to hear you rant.

Join an organization

Join any organizations such as red cross, rotary club or any campaign close to you that benefits the society. You might also make great friends.

Try scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is not only fun but also let’s you create memories that you can look back to. Take pictures of the important events in your life and document them. This keeps you occupied and prevents your mind from roaming.

Read blogs

If blogging is not your thing, you could try reading other blogs. You would be surprised at the things you could learn.

These are the tips I have used for a while and they have helped. It is not guaranteed that you might become more free with people but you become more open.

Remember there is nothing wrong with being a loner.

New Year Recipes

New Year Recipes

Over the past years, 4 days to the end of the year I sit and write my new year resolutions. I realized I never got to achieve half of what I had planned to accomplish that year. I took a break from writing resolutions/goals until last year when I discovered recipes that made my life delicious.

I don’t know if you think i’m referring to food, but I’m not. These recipes made 2018 bearable for me so I decided to share it with you guys. So grab your paper and pen and let’s write down together.

Sandy’s new year recipes

1. Pray every day at every given opportunity.

2. Observe daily siestas.

3. Give to charity.

4. Buy yourself new clothes.

5. Exfoliate twice a week (I have spots left from past acne).

6. Increase your GPA.

7. Post at least three times a week.

8. Do your Saturday run.

9. Observe lent.

10. Give yourself complement each day.

11. Exercise when you have the time.

12. Take yourself out once in a while.

13. Do not forget to eat healthy.

14. Have fun.

15. Hit 2000 followers.

These are my recipes for 2019. We have different priorities and my main priority is self love, yours might be different but if you see them as recipes for a wonderful, delicious, tasty and charming life it will come easier to you.

I may have forgotten some stuff but I’m interested in your new year recipes, leave them below in the comment.

Have a tasteful new year ahead.

The pear shaped woman

The pear shaped woman

You are just very juicy.

A pear, smaller at the top and munkier at the bottom. Just like me and some other ladies out there we share some wonderful characteristics with this unique fruit.

As a pear shape we tend to have a little extra extra at the bottom – if you know what I mean. Example of pear shaped women are Kim kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and yours truly.

Features of a pear shaped woman

You might have noticed that the pear shaped body has some specific features, well that’s what we want to discuss right now.

. Small boobs

Majority of pear shaped women tend to have smaller boobs, yes, well if you fall under this category. welcome to the itty bitty titty community – you are now an official member.

. Considerable small waist

A small waist also characterises your unique body shape. It is noticeably 3-4 inches smaller than your boobs and hips. This is an example of a typical pear shape body measurement, 35inches-31inches-41inches. (These measurements are mine).

. Large hips

Yep, you saw that right, large hips are one of your most important features, your hips are wider or almost wider than your shoulders.

Cons of having pear shaped body

One of the disadvantages I’ve noticed over the years of being pear shaped is

One, I never find my correct jeans size. It’s so frustrating either the waist doesn’t fit or it’s the thighs or the length, sometimes the three. So this leaves me wearing jeggings and leggings most of the time.

Two, sometimes I just look out of proportion because of my spoon-like shape, I just always seem like a walking triangle.

Three, you’re at a danger of stretch marks on the hips since majority of the weight gain is directed to the lower part of our body, the hips are in danger of the invaders called stretch marks.

Pros of having a pear shaped body

Even though this wonder shape might have some not so good qualities, there are a few benefits of being pear shaped.

Research has shown that a pear shaped woman is at lower risk of having an heart attack or getting diabetes in the future – did I hear a cheers?

Also, you get large hips and thighs to flaunt. (If you’re into that kind of thing).

Wardrobe essentials for a pear shaped woman

Over the years, I have discovered the kinds of clothing that works for my body shape and it’s helped me a lot. Okay, let’s get to it

1. Push up bras. These babies are life savers.

2. A pair of High waisted jeans/jeggings/leggings.

You can never go wrong with a pair of jeans.

3. A large waist belt. To accentuate that eye-catching waistline.

4. A blazer. They add bulk to your upper body.

5. A blouse that falls on the widest part of your hips.

6. One or two oversize shirts.

7. A sundress nipped at the waist.

8. Embellished tops.

9. A-line skirts.

10. A leather jacket.

But still

Crash dieting? Stop it.

Crash dieting? Stop it.

Dieting is a very common trend among the young and old of this generation with the intent of fitting into the society’s definition of “beauty”.

What is dieting?

Dieting as been defined as the managing consumption of food and drink with the intent to lose, gain or maintain weight or to prevent and treat diseases such as diabetes.

What is crash dieting?

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, crash dieting is a diet intended to help a person loose a large amount of weight in a short period of time typically by reducing the amount of food consumed to minimal levels.

Some mountain climbers or dancers usually do a crash diet before their ascent on gig.

Why you should stop crash dieting?

Sure crash dieting works but only for a short time. I used to crash diet in high school when I felt I had gained weight and I didn’t want anyone to notice it didn’t always end that well.

Now let’s get into why you should stop crash dieting

1. It isn’t long term

Crash dieting can’t be maintained, it’s something you do for a short time, so that perfect body you might have gotten for a day at the beach with your friends might not last long, you might as well say good bye now.

2. You end up gaining the weight you lost

This is like a continuation of reason number 1, so even after losing weight when you return to your normal routine there’s a high probability of gaining your lost weight or more.

3. It leaves you weak

Because you have to eat minimal food and take in less calories than your body deserves, your metabolism slows down and you tend to feel weak and tired during the day.

4. You might get sick

During one of my crash diets back in the day, I got so sick that I had to be hospitalized the doctor said I almost got ulcer but thankfully I narrowly escaped it. Most people are not that lucky and some cases have led to death.

5. It lowers your self esteem

After the weight loss series, you might start to feel wonderful about yourself but that wonderful surge of confidence runs dry when you regain weight which makes you feel shitty about yourself all over again.

But still